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al 15/03/2020

Dolomiti Ski Jazz

To better appreciate the long list of concerts of the Dolomiti Ski Jazz of Val di Fiemme, you’d rather have your skis on: the most peculiar shows of this festival are indeed held along some of the most popular ski pistes of the world. So, under the spring sun, one of the most fascinating views of the Val di Fiemme forms the ideal stage for one of the most important music festival of the Alps.

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dal 12/03/2020
al 22/03/2020

Fiemme Ski Festival

Three Polish bands and one from Czech Republic performing right on the ski slopes for the first edition of Fiemme Ski Festival International music will be played in the mountain huts of Val di Fiemme, in the Dolomites of the Trentino region. Skiing melts with music at Ski Center Latemar, Alpe Cermis and in the ski area Bellamonte-Alpe Lusia. At night, in the villages, the party goes on with funny apres-ski

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Marcialonga Craft

Marcialonga Craft of Fiemme and Fassa starts from Predazzo. The long course is 135 km long and has a 3,900 mt altitude gap; the short course is 80 km long and has a 2,488 mt altitude gap.

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Fiemme Senz'Auto

Closing road to traffic is like revealing a new world. You discover unexpected liveable spaces, new views overlooking the horizon. That's how Val di Fiemme wants the future to be. The road called “Statale 48 delle Dolomiti” from Cavalese to Predazzo, from 10:00 to 17:00 will be closed to cars but open to citizens and horse-drawn carriages, e-bikes, concerts, games, demo, tastings, outdoor exhibitions and shows.

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al 14/06/2020

OCR European Championship

OCR - Obstacle Course Race – is an emerging sport which requires a complete training: besides running on different terrains with different lengths, athletes overcome natural and artificial obstacles (using also ropes and nets), climb walls and drag weights, taking part in agility, balance, strength and endurance competitions.

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dal 21/06/2020
al 28/06/2020

Flowers, herbs and flavours

Search for the species, find the differences. You just need to follow the fragrance of the “Flowers, herbs and flavors week” held in Val di Fiemme from Sunday June 21st to Sunday June 28th, to learn how to observe the little miracles of nature with a more expert eye.

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dal 25/06/2020
al 05/08/2020

Bellamonte International Camp

A new kind of vacation for children from ages 6 to 16: in a relaxing and comfortable international environment with teachers and friends from different countries, spend an active and fun holiday while learning English; all this to improve cultural integrations and become friends with kids from different countries.

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l' 08/07/2020

TDW Transdolomitics Way

The bike challenge will start in Tesero at 10.00 am: riders will have no support and time will never stop. The 1,200 km long trail has a difference in height of 26,000 meters. Bike riders will have maximum 125 hours in race style ( 130 for women) or 185 hours in challenge style to climb the passes and mountains peaks of Passo Rombo, Passo Resia, Passo Stelvio, Passo Gavia, Passo Tonale, Monte Grappa, Passo Rest, la salita alle Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Passo Nigra.

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l' 11/07/2020


La Dolomitics is a new riding in the Dolomites of Trentino without feeling the stress of a race. It is not a competition, it's a new way to enjoy the Dolomites, with no hurry. For this edition 3 routes are planned for 3 different psycho-physical levels: Easy Fleim (12 hours); Fiemme (20 hours), Dolomiti (42 hours).

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dal 26/07/2020
al 31/07/2020

Clowning week

A rich program of events with magical and amusing artists that will bring something rare and great... emotions! Fun is guaranteed both for children and adults. In the woods and in the meadows of Gardonè, reachable by cablecar from Predazzo, acrobatics and circus workshops will take place. It will be a week full of magic, colours

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dal 30/07/2020
al 01/08/2020

Suan Rock

Ziano has got rock in its blood ever since 20 years ago, when a group of friends who founded the Atrio band stepped on the small stage of Ziano, performing in front of the whole town. Years have gone by, and Suan Rock grew, and so did its founders: with some more grey hair but with the same energy, they organize three days of rock music every summer, with about 30 bands coming from Val di Fiemme and other places, and just as many volunteers, an awesome stage, food and drink available during the entire event.

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il 06/09/2020

Marcialonga Coop

The 18th Marcialonga Coop covers a part of Marcialonga track, the legendary ski marathon. On Sunday 6th September, runners coming from all over Europe and from Canada, Bolivia, Eritrea, Russia, Morocco or South Africa are running for 26 km in Val di Fiemme & Val di Fassa.

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il 20/09/2020

Passo di Pampeago Trophy

Alpe and Passo di Pampeago in Val di Fiemme are one of the most known hills of Trentino. On Sunday 20th September, bikers can test their skills on the slopes that have welcomed many champions so far. The loved uphill time trial on the “pink” hill from Tesero to Pampeago starts at 10.30 - 10.5 km from 1.000 mt.asl. to 2.000 mt.asl. The Ski Center Latemar and the sports club US. Litegosa of Panchià are the organizers. Passo Pampeago Trophy is the last and crucial trial of Up Hill Challenge.

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